Neue Berliner

Revolutionizing Insurance: The Groundbreaking Neue Berliner Project Redefining User Experience and Industry Standards


In 2019, I worked with Finleap on Neue Berliner to revolutionize the insurance industry. The challenge was to infuse a fresh, youthful spirit into the brand without compromising its seriousness.The mission was to encapsulate “simplicity” in design, making the user journey quick and intuitive. This shaped both the website and mobile app.Focusing on user experience, the website was crafted to be visually appealing and highly functional, ensuring easy navigation. The app offered a seamless experience, allowing users to manage insurance needs effortlessly.In creating Neue Berliner, I blended modern design elements with a streamlined user interface, balancing contemporary appeal and practicality. This project redefined how traditional industries can adapt and thrive with innovative, user-centric approaches.

UI/UX Design
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